Kyle Bard

Graduate – Information Technology Support

I’ve noticed that moving forward in my IT career I was missing, or lacking certification. And it’s getting more and more aggressive when it comes to hiring new IT staff, and I realized it was time ... Read more

Tula Corber

Graduate – Early Childhood Education

This letter is to express my sincere gratitude to the wonderful and supportive content specialists (Jennifer, Kelly, Darlene, Rena, and Melissa) for challenging me to push myself harder than ... Read more

George Fowler

Graduate – Special Care Counselling

My experience as a RAC candidate in Special Care Counselling has been fantastic! The combination of a wonderful and dedicated staff, an affordable service, and working at my own pace has made ... Read more

Nathalie Hill

Graduate – Special Care Counselling

Being a RAC SCC candidate made a positive impact in my professional life. I’ve gained knowledge and confidence throughout the process, which has allowed me to feel more comfortable working with the ... Read more

Kristy Hoobin

Graduate – Information Technology Support

Having recently successfully completed the RAC Having recently successfully completed the RAC Information Technology Client Support AEC through the college’s RAC services, I wished to share m ... Read more

Myna Mameanskum

Graduate – Early Childhood Education for First Nations

In my teenage years I never completed high school and I am very excited at the thought of having the opportunity to finish my education. I have over 14 years of experience working with children in the past and took training in other ... Read more

Thierry Ouellet

Graduate – Information Technology Support

Ayant récemment complété la reconnaissance des acquis (RAC) pour le programme ‘Information Technology Support’, je désirais partager mon expérience avec les nouveaux candidats de cet excellent ... Read more

Julian Rivera

Graduate – Information Technology Support

The staff who work at Champlain College were very professional, kind and helpful. I want to thank all the teachers for the excellent welcome and their dedication. They gave me the needed confidence to ... Read more

Acela Rodriguez Gonzalez

Graduate – Early Childhood Education

RAC gave the opportunity to meet outstanding people and learn from each other. The content specialists were very supportive and helpful all the time. Thanks to all the members of RAC office who ... Read more

Gina Sinnott

Graduate – Special Care Counselling

Over 35 years in the medical/social services/management domain and returning back to college, I was amazed at how I could integrate new/revised learning into my existing area of practice. RAC’s Special ... Read more

Karima Tabet

Candidate – Early Childhood Education

RAC gave me the chance to discover competencies that I didn’t know I had. ... Read more

Alicia Thivierge

Candidate – Early Childhood Education for First Nations

I have attempted to get my Early Childhood Education certificate before, in 2008, outside our community but I have had many struggles balancing student life and being a parent. In this case, I love how RAC is being ... Read more

Nadia Touati

Graduate – Early Childhood Education

RAC helped enrich my knowledge and understanding in the field of childhood education while providing a multi-cultural learning environment. ... Read more

Jennyfer Turbide

Graduate – Early Childhood Education

The time I have spent in the RAC program was such a wonderful time. I have learned so much and met so many wonderful people, and made great friends. The support from the content specialists goes beyond ... Read more

Patricia Uniam

Candidate – Early Childhood Education for First Nations

I love the fact that this program is being offered in my community, allowing me to stay with my family and continue working. I would really like to be a fully qualified educator. ... Read more

Joseph Wan

Graduate – Information Technology Support

J’ai trois ou quatre années d’études informatique et dix années d’expériences et malgré ça c’était difficile. Et quand j’ai entendu parler du RAC au Collège Champlain, je me suis dit c’est le programme qui me fallait. ... Read more

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