Andy Brown

Advisor – Transportation and Logistics


Andy Brown

Andy coordinates the Individual and Immigrant (intensive) Transportation and Logistics RAC services at Champlain. He taught for 9 years in high schools and at the CEGEP level in the UK, teaching geography, geology, social education and science. On moving to Montreal in 2000 he realized a long-held dream to re-train as an English as a second language teacher. During his English teaching career he has taught adult learners in the fields of health care, commerce and information technology and has also trained over 150 English teachers. Moreover, he has extensive experience in curriculum design for the public sector and has designed and delivered specialized curricula for the private sector.

After 20 years of teaching he is still fascinated by the teaching/learning interface and continues to teach English and business communication in Champlain’s Transportation and Logistics and Information Technology AEC programs.

Presently he is studying for a Master’s degree in Education through the Master Teacher Program and is particularly interested in the facilitation of learning, developing student autonomy and motivation, and teacher training. His belief is that education is a vehicle through which clients can realize their own potential and professional goals, and that the classroom is a place of flux, a place of professional challenge, a place of continued professional development, a place of meaningful relationships and ultimately a place of joy.

Andy is at his happiest guiding and supporting the clients and content specialists who make up the T&L RAC Team: to him, this is both a pleasure and an honor.


450-672-7360 ext. 3427

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