Denis Perreault

Content Specialist – IT Support


Denis Perreault

Denis has expertise in computer networking and programming and also owns his own business which makes him aware of customer satisfaction. He has been an active member of the information technology field for over 25 years and has now been teaching in the Information Technology Support Specialist course and the Cisco course since 1999 at Champlain College-St Lambert. He has kept abreast of new technologies including wireless and design and seeks to impart this information to candidates. Demystifying the field of IT is a necessary quality and skill when troubleshooting and customer support is of paramount importance in today’s world of tech support.


My name is Denis Perreault, and I worked for RAC in the [ITCS] as well as Cisco programs.

The experience that the candidates have is mandatory to start with, of course, and we start with what they have – they are showing us what they know, and we fill in the gaps.

Question: How do RAC evaluations differ from traditional education?

Well, in RAC, in terms of evaluations, what we do is favor hands on as much as possible. In the Cisco RAC for instance, we have real Cisco routers and switches, and we insist the candidates actually use that during the evals. They can use packet tracer, it’s a good emulator, for home, but when they’re here, they’re being evaluated on the equipment.

Question: What kind of innovations have you worked on for RAC?

The innovation we currently implement in our online facilities for RAC, for instance, we now have integrated the voice over PowerPoints. I mean, a candidate will learn at home by simply downloading the PowerPoint and the voice puts context into it. Because you know how a PowerPoint could be, it could be quite dry material, so the voice gives a very nice context to that material.



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