Kristofer Brown

Content Specialist


Kristofer Brown

Kristofer has been working for the Department of Youth Protection as an Educator for Batshaw Family Youth Centers for over fifteen years. He currently manages and runs an Anger Management and Life Skills program as well as a Music Therapy Program for at-risk youth in Long Term Residential Treatment Centers.
He has also spent some time teaching at the High School level in Science, History and Geography.

Kristofer has a Bachelor in History from Concordia, a Double B.A in Education and Social Sciences from Bishop’s University. He completed his Masters from McGill University in Education, Teaching and Learning.
He is currently working on his PhD at McGill University, studying the effect of complex trauma and its impact on adolescents using sensory tools as a coping mechanism.

Kristofer has been a Content Specialist for the RAC SCC Program since 2018. He also teaches the SCC Program for the day division for Champlain. Kristofer also is working as a Pedagogical Advisor for different programs in the Continuing Education Department at Champlain College.



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