Michael Loughman

Content Specialist - Applied Business Development, Transportation and Logistics


Michael Loughman

A native Montrealer, Michael received his MBA from Concordia in 1988, specializing in Transportation. He also has a B.A. (History) from Concordia. He has held senior Transportation and Logistics positions in multi-national companies such as Cadbury, Parmalat, Pfizer and L’Oreal.

Michael has his CITT designation (Canada’s foremost professional development association in the supply chain sector) and has been a member of that organization’s Board of Directors for several years.

Michael returned to Montreal in 2007 after fourteen years in Toronto. He now teaches at Champlain College in Saint Lambert, where he develops and delivers several Transportation and Logistics courses. He also teaches “Fundamentals of Business” in the DEC program. Michael is also that school’s Internship Coordinator.

He has also taught at Concordia and at Vanier College. He also consults; his mandates have included: internal logistics network (health care institution); reverse logistics process (pharmaceutical company); rewriting several chapters of a logistics reference handbook. Micheal is eager to share his expertise with you.



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