Reem Talhamy

Advisor - Early Childhood Education


Reem Talhamy

Over 17 years of progressive and diversified experience in Early Childhood Education, ESL (English as a Second Language) tutoring, and Education Management in Jordan and Canada, Reem chose to specialize in Educational Studies with a main focus on adult lifelong learning and community development programs at Concordia University. Combining creativity with a keen understanding of adult learning theories and industry standards to optimize learning, she has always worked to foster ongoing alignment with the established vision and a student-centered culture.

Her experience in educational program administration and improvement, program structure and content development, teacher training, instructional design, multicultural education, conference presentation, and workshop facilitation, has allowed her to further hone her skillset to optimize learning to consistently meet the ever-changing needs of a diverse clientele.


450-672-7360 ext. 3414

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