Sherril Gilbert

Content Specialist – Special Care Counselling


Sherril Gilbert

Sherril is an adult educator, human relations training consultant and a professional facilitator who loves to teach and loves to learn. Sherril is dedicated to making learning accessible, meaningful, and relevant, and uses participatory and experiential teaching methods to enhance learning. Her areas of interest and expertise include aging, mental health and illness, group facilitation, diversity, and human communication. In Newfoundland and Labrador, Sherril worked for the Women’s Policy Office of the provincial government, and wrote the provincial training curriculum on Elder Abuse Prevention. In the Applied Human Sciences Department at Concordia University in Montreal, Sherril taught or assistant-taught the undergraduate courses Interpersonal Communication, Intervention in Human Systems, Working in Task Groups, Respecting Diversity, and Lifespan Development. Sherril has also developed and taught courses in Interpersonal Conflict Resolution and Conflict Coaching for Community Mediation Services. Sherril has a Master’s Degree in Human Systems Intervention and an undergraduate degree in Applied Social Science.



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