Tony Maciocia

Content Specialist - Special Care Counselling


Tony Maciocia

Tony is the Founder and first President of the Quebec Association of Educators (1985). He has been in the field of child and youth care for four decades, from the early beginnings as an Educator, line manager, program coordinator, trainer/consultant and recently as a content specialist at Champlain College. He also worked for 38 years at Batshaw Youth & Family Centres and the recipient of the Ruth and Manny Batshaw Award of Excellence in 2009.

Tony was also the recipient of the (APER) Provincial Manager’s Association Award for 2014. He holds a Master’s degree in Child & Youth Care Administration from Nova Southeastern University, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree from Concordia University with a Major in Psychology. Tony also served on a number of professional boards and was the Chairman of the International Child & Youth Care conferences from 1991 to 2009.

Tony continues to be active in promoting professionalization of the field of child & youth care and has formed partnerships with the Association des éducateur et éducatrice du Québec with the goal of gaining entrance in the “Order of Professions” in the Province of Quebec. Tony is an active supporter of youth-in-care and front-line staff. He continues to mentor others to carry the CYC TORCH and keep the flame burning for a brighter future for all.



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