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    To take advantage of the RAC process, candidates must pay certain fees. The fees are based on the number of evaluations that a candidate has to complete, and may vary from one person to another.

    • $30 admission fee (non-refundable).
    • $45 for a necessary file analysis.
    • $40 per competency (up to a maximum of $500).

    Maximum total: $575

    Please note that the fees above include all activities related to the RAC services. No additional fees have to be paid to:

    • Attend a seminar on a specific topic.
    • Attend integration to the Quebec workforce seminars.
    • Consult the online resources.
    • Participate in job preparation activities.
    • Participate in expert-led group activities.
    • Book an appointment with an Advisor to prepare your Individual Evaluation Plan.
    • Book an appointment with a content specialist to receive individual tutoring.
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