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  • Mentorship+ Guides Candidates Every Step of the Way

    by Matt Refghi  |  April 22, 2013

    Last year, Champlain College Saint-Lambert launched Mentorship+, an initiative that was designed to help immigrants and visible minorities integrate into the workplace, while increasing the probability of retention. Participating individuals were paired with mentors once they found work within a particular organization, and thus, had greater chances of succeeding in their new positions. To be eligible, these individuals had to be pursuing their AECs through Champlain’s Continuing Education department, or through its RAC services. Anna Maria Zaidman speaking at a mentor training session Recently, project leader Anna Maria Zaidman announced that Mentorship+ had begun assisting candidates while they were looking for work, in addition to supporting them within organizations. The process works as follows: first, the mentorship service identifies a mentor who is currently employed, and then pairs them with the mentee (the person being mentored). The goal of the relationship, at that point, depends on the mentee’s objectives. For example, a mentee could want to find another job within the same industry, or find a new position altogether. Either way, the mentor offers advice and guidance throughout the whole process. The second step begins when the mentee is employed: Mentorship+ actively seeks out a mentor that is already working within the mentee’s new organization. As a result, mentees are provided with a highly guided approach into the Quebec workforce, and are more likely to retain their positions. Furthermore, Zaidman explained that mentors and mentees are now being sought for the Early Childhood Education field, whereas Information Technology Support and Transportation and Logistics were among the initial set. This announcement will undoubtedly help ECE students and candidates in obtaining certified educator positions, while securing a pathway towards acquiring the highly-desired “qualified” educator status. If you’re someone who’d be interested in making a difference with a skilled individual who’s entering the workforce, please contact Anna Maria Zaidman. No prior mentoring experience is necessary, as all individuals will receive a free two-part training session. As a bonus, the session will result in a certificate from Champlain College’s Continuing Education department. If you’re a Continuing Education student, or a RAC candidate who’d like to be guided into the Quebec workforce by a knowledgeable mentor, please contact Anna Maria Zaidman.

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