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  • New RAC AEC in Development: Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP)

    by Matt Refghi  |  March 23, 2016

    Back in 2013, we introduced a new AEC to our RAC services: Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). Since its launch, our CCNA RAC offering has produced more than 90 graduates. CCNA was particularly noteworthy for having a weekend and week-night schedule, and a focus on hands-on exercises and labs. Today, we’re happy to announce that we’re working on another Cisco-related AEC, one step above our CCNA offering: Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP). Many of our CCNA graduates expressed an interest in Champlain offering an AEC in CCNP, and we’re glad to be working towards it. Our CCNP offering is currently in development, and is expected to launch in summer 2016. To be eligible, candidates will need to have a significant work or life experience in the field of networking, particularly where complex networks are concerned. They will need to have knowledge of routing, switching, security, and should be able to troubleshoot complex networking problems. Often, they would have previously worked as network administrators, network support technicians, or in similar roles. CCNP candidates will not need to have any certifications from Cisco Systems to apply, nor will they need to have a Cisco CCNA AEC in hand. They will, however, need a substantial amount of experience in relevant positions, with a CCNP level of complexity. Part of the RAC admissions process involves an interview with a professional from the industry – this is where we will determine whether the experience is sufficient. The total cost for the program will be $315, and most candidates should be able to complete it within 3-5 months. And, like CCNA, CCNP is expected to feature a flexible schedule, hands-on evaluations and labs. When candidates complete the RAC process for CCNP, they will receive an AEC, an official, ministry-recognized certificate that can show employers that their competencies are up-to-date. It’s important to note that the RAC process, in and of itself, will not award the CCNP certification offered by Cisco Systems. However, the RAC process will likely play a useful role in helping candidates get more comfortable with the material that will ultimately be part of their certification exam at Cisco Systems. Like our CCNA graduates, CCNP RAC graduates will have no obligation to pursue the proprietary certification from Cisco Systems. In the end, our AEC is meant to enhance a candidate’s prospects when approaching employers. It’s up to each particular candidate to decide whether they want both an AEC and a certification from Cisco Systems directly. Our Cisco CCNP service is scheduled to launch in summer 2016. If the service seems like it may interest you, feel free to send us your CV for a personalized assessment. By signing up, you’re adding your name to the waiting list to be part of the pilot group. When the service is ready to launch, we’ll contact you for more information.

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