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  • Champlain to Host Conference: The Art, Science and Passion of Youth Work

    by Matt Refghi  |  April 25, 2016

    On May 11th, 2016, Champlain, in collaboration with the AEESQ (L’Association des éducatrices et éducateurs spécialisés du Québec) and the QAE (Quebec Association of Educators), will be a hosting a one-day conference titled “The Art and Science of Youth Work“, within the Special Care Counselling realm. It will start at 8:30am, and end at 3:30pm, with lunch included with registration. The conference will feature a number of a workshops, as well as a keynote address by Dr. Varda Mann-Feder, Professor and Graduate Program Director & Diploma, Applied Human Sciences, at Concordia University.
    The Art and Science of Youth Work
    Photo by David Ward

    Photo by David Ward

    Can Child and Youth Care Work be both an art and a science? How can we combine our passion for relationships with our emerging knowledge base and the latest findings about best practices? At the same time, how can we care for ourselves and keep the passion alive? Join us for a stimulating presentation about these ongoing debates in our field and the critical ingredients that can feed a creative, fulfilling and informed career in Youth Work.
    Registration will be free for all active Special Care Counselling RAC candidates, as well as students from Champlain’s regular SCC Continuing Education program – please contact Laura Malbogat for more information. The following workshop options will be available: 10:30am

    Option A: Making Connections: Paving the Way for Change

    Presented by Marisa Di Meglio, Manager, CIUSSS-West This interactive workshop will explore and help clarify why humans respond the way they do and why at times, it’s difficult to connect with our clients.The Circle of Courage Model, which is based on 4 Universal needs will be presented with the focus on Brain development and the effects of Trauma to help better appreciate and understand how best to connect with our clients.

    Option B: What Makes Your Heart Sing? Take Charge of Your Wellness

    Workshop Leaders: Laura Malbogat & Karen Mowbray This interactive workshop explores and identifies the multiple issues affecting frontline workers when it comes to maintaining their wellness in the field.Explore strategies to keep you in the game: sane, healthy and balanced. A coaching model will be implemented so participants develop a personal action plan.

    Option C: Too Angry to Learn – Teaching Pro-social Behavior to Troubled Youth

    Presented by Robert Calame, President Wolf Social Competencies Inc. Montreal, Qc. Rising levels of violence in our homes, schools and communities around the world make the workshop particularly relevant to anyone working with youth and young adults.This workshop will look at the passion needed and the connections necessary to work with youth using the ART® model.

    Option D: From Chaos to Calm: Strategies to Support Struggling Students

    Presented by Robin Bernstein, ADHD & Academic Coach Students with ADHD, executive functioning difficulties and learning disabilities often struggle to stay afloat in the classroom. Through hands-on exercises and case studies, this workshop will focus on identifying and developing a better understanding of issues they are facing, and provide implementable strategies that facilitate student self-management and successful outcomes.
    For more information about the event, including registration fees, see the following PDF. Interested individuals can also register online.

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