Early Childhood Education AEC (JEE.0K)

Applicants seeking RAC services for Early Childhood Education (ECE) generally have significant working experience in the field of early childhood education. Through their work experience these individuals have acquired solid competencies and are now seeking formal recognition in order to become certified educators, advance in their career, gain a promotion, find employment, or simply to be formally recognized.

Often applicants work or have been working in positions such as:

early childhood educator assistant educator home daycare provider after-school educator preschool teacher nursery school teacher elementary school teacher ... Read more

Champlain’s RAC services can help applicants obtain an AEC (Attestation d’études collégiales) by assessing their current competencies, and providing them with training for the ones they are lacking.

ECE also features both part-time and full-time schedules. For more information, please refer to the information booklet

Cost: Maximum $575


Monday to Friday
9am to 4pm
Duration: 21 weeks
1 to 2 Saturdays per month
9am to 4pm
Duration: 10 to 12 months

Locations: ECE is offered in Saint-Lambert (Weekday and Weekend).


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