Agnès Nattawapio

Graduate – Early Childhood Education


Agnès Nattawapio

We never finished training outside, we always prefer to be trained back home. We have families, we have to stay close to them and work, we have to stay at our jobs at the same time, we want to learn more.

Well, we’ve been taking this training back home in Kawawachikamach. For three years, there were many of us, the others they thought it was a long program, but mostly I’m a full time, I work full time in the school with the preschoolers, and during the evening we used to take training 2-3 times a week, the evening for 3 hours, and we used to receive some stuff from the RAC during what we had to learn, what we did, during the time , and RAC helped us a lot instead of going out – my people, some students, post-secondary students, they go outside to go to school, like mostly us, my other colleagues, we never finished training outside.

In my community everyone knows each other, we’re not that big community, 1000 people, we know each other, some were surprised that we were graduating, and they told us how did you graduate, why you going to graduate. We told them we’ve been studying at the school, sometimes other places in the community, the big places. Especially we studied mostly in the school. As of today I feel so blessed in being graduating from Early Childhood program as an educator.