Preparing your Application

How to Apply Graphic If you’ve decided that the RAC process is right for you, here are the steps you need to take to apply.

1. Attend Information Session

The first step is to attend an information session about the RAC service that interests you. This can help you learn more about the RAC process, which will help you decide if it is right for you. Sign up for an info-session In our sign-up form, you may also choose to request a personalized assessment of your CV. One of our RAC advisors will then help you determine if the RAC process is right for you.

2. Admission to RAC

Complete your admissions exams

Before filling out an application form to register, all interested applicants must take a 30 minute English Linguistic Assessment. Many of the competencies require a certain level of comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills, so this exam assesses whether you would be able to successfully complete the evaluations or whether you would require more English language courses before re-applying. View Linguistic Exams – English

Submit your application documents

Once you have decided to apply to the RAC service, you will need to submit your application documents. For a list of the required documents, please consult this checklist. Important: To ensure the confidentiality of your documents, we strongly recommend that they are either sent to us by mail, uploaded via Omnivox, or dropped off in person. E-mail is an insecure medium that should NOT be used for sensitive documents. Should you use e-mail or another medium that hasn’t been mentioned here, you are taking responsibility for the risks introduced.

Complete your Self-Description Form

After completing the linguistic assessment and submitting your application, your file will be assessed. If it is determined that you have enough experience for RAC, you will then be sent an e-mail that includes a Self-Assessment form. The Self-Assessment form will help you to assess your skill level for the service, and it must be completed before proceeding. Once you have completed the form, send it back by following the directions outlined in the e-mail.

3. Attend Validation Interview

Once you have returned your Self-Assessment form, a Content Specialist will contact you to schedule a Validation Interview. During the Validation Interview the Content Specialist will ask you a number of questions about the same topics you saw in your Self-Assessment form. The Validation Interview will help the Content Specialist identify your strengths and weaknesses in the field. The Content Specialist will then decide if your background is strong enough to admit you to the RAC process.
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