The Human Resources Support Specialist AEC (LCA.DT) is made of 13 competencies. To receive your AEC, you will have to be evaluated for all competencies.
BT01 To analyze the profession.
BT02 To use common software applications for human resources.
BT03 To communicate with diverse individuals in the workplace.
BT04 To assist in applying laws and regulations for human resource management.
BT05 To assist the manager in the staffing process.
BT06 To apply the company’s remuneration policy.
BT07 To perform payroll transactions.
BS4Y To correct French business texts.
BT08 To ensure support of employee training.
BT09 To interact in a support role for human resources management.
BT10 To assist in the management of labour relations.
BT11 To assist in developing and applying health and safety policies.
BT12 To integrate into the labour market.
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