Concordia Agreement

Information Technology Client Support (ITCS) candidates also benefit from our memorandum of understanding with Concordia’s Centre for Continuing Education. By virtue of this agreement, the AEC they acquire will provide advanced standing towards related Concordia diplomas, reducing the course hours required for completion.

To take advantage of this agreement, candidates must fill and submit Concordia’s Course Exemption Request Form. In this form, a candidate must select a Concordia course based on the ITCS courses they have completed. With RAC, candidates rarely have to think about the courses behind their competencies. We’ve provided the following competency to course mapping to help candidates fill in Concordia’s Course Exemption Request Form.  
Competency Course
BJ7G 410-048-LA
  To receive advanced standing towards a particular Concordia course, candidates may use the mapping above to select an option in the Concordia Course Exemption Requested field.

Download the request form

For more information about the Concordia agreement, please read the following document.

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