Information Technology Support

Vitalii Baglaiev


I passed some interviews, after 20 interviews, I guessed that there is something wrong. What? Maybe it’s about my education, because my education, I graduated in my country in 2005, so the technology ... Read more

Kyle Bard


I’ve noticed that moving forward in my IT career I was missing, or lacking certification. And it’s getting more and more aggressive when it comes to hiring new IT staff, and I realized it was time ... Read more

Tony Figueiredo


The most valuable is being able to say: yes, I didn't just do it, but I've been tested for it, and I've got a paper which shows that I know how to do it, shows that I've done it, ... Read more

Kristy Hoobin


Having recently successfully completed the RAC Having recently successfully completed the RAC Information Technology Client Support AEC through the college’s RAC services, I wished to share my ... Read more

Sunny Umezuruike Josiah


You know, being a landed immigrant to Quebec, it was a bit challenging because I had already studied in my country and most of my experience were valuable to me and I didn't want to lose them, so I was ... Read more

Beverly Loney


But we had fun. We had fun doing the labs, the labs were great. It’s real equipment, you get the real experience, I’d say one of the best parts just the networking with different ... Read more

Thierry Ouellet


Ayant récemment complété la reconnaissance des acquis (RAC) pour le programme ‘Information Technology Support’, je désirais partager mon expérience avec les nouveaux candidats de cet excellent ... Read more

Julian Rivera


The staff who work at Champlain College were very professional, kind and helpful. I want to thank all the teachers for the excellent welcome and their dedication. They gave me the needed confidence to ... Read more

Joseph Wan


J’ai trois ou quatre années d’études informatique et dix années d’expériences et malgré ça c’était difficile. Et quand j’ai entendu parler du RAC au Collège Champlain, je me suis dit c’est le programme qui me fallait. ... Read more

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