Julian Rivera

Graduate – Information Technology Support


Julian Rivera

My name is Julian Rivera, I studied Information Technology through RAC at Champlain College, and today I am starting to work as an IT Consultant in an important company based in Toronto.

I want to express, through this email, my immense gratitude to Mr. Eric Poehlman and his great team.

From the beginning, Mr. Poehlman demonstrated a sincere interest for helping. He was a very good mentor . The staff who work at Champlain College were very professional, kind and helpful. I want to thank all the [content specialists] for the excellent welcome and their dedication. They gave me the needed confidence to recognize that my previous studies and experience have value in Canada. This beautiful country opens its doors to professionals like me, with one common goal: to look for the best for our children and be professionally successful in this country. I want to express my special gratitude to Mrs. Jane Nicholson and Mr. Yves Delair, both gave me their all, as well as useful tools for continuously improving my command of English and French languages, respectively. As you know, if an immigrant cannot express his ideas and thoughts properly, it will be impossible to demonstrate his knowledge and experience.

I will keep in my memory the names of Marc-Andre Leger (he accepted my application in the iMusee, where I did my internship), Sandra Leggett, Denis Perreault, Madeleine Jean, Mark Delaney, and Sonia Gosselin too. All of them showed us respect, understanding and support all the time.

Really, was a privilege to work with Mr. Poehlman.

God bless you and bless Champlain College.