Kyle Bard

Graduate – Information Technology Support


Kyle Bard

Hi, my name is Kyle. I’m from Ottawa, Ontario. I came to Montreal 10 years now. I also have ten years experience working in IT. I’ve noticed that moving forward in my IT career I was missing, or lacking certification. And it’s getting more and more aggressive when it comes to hiring new IT staff, and I realized it was time that I needed to make sure that I had the certification to continue my career. I looked up Champlain College, I actually visited the college, went to an info session, and found that it was very interesting – the RAC service* was going to recognize the years of experience that I put into IT, and apply it towards certification. (So long as I did some examinations, which I did right away – didn’t take me very long, 2-3 months, I passed all the evaluations and received the certification.) Really happy I joined and I managed to do the certification. Now, it’s recognized, and I’m currently two years now been working for CGI as a Server Support Professional.

* Though candidates often refer to RAC as a program, it is in fact a service. Specifically, a service that is offered for a given program of study.