Sunny Umezuruike Josiah

Graduate - IT Client Support


Sunny Umezuruike Josiah

My name is Sunny Umezuruike Josiah and I took part in RAC [ITCS] here in Saint Lambert college.

Question: What was the most valuable aspect of RAC, to you?

You know, being a landed immigrant to Quebec, it was a bit challenging because I had already studied in my country and most of my experience were valuable to me and I didn’t want to lose them, so I was looking into a way of establishing that experience, the competencies that I have until I came by RAC, so I came to speak to Eric about it, he did an evaluation, he invited me over, he introduced me to RAC, and I took part in RAC [ITCS]… it was challenging because I spoke no French at that moment. French was one of the requirements to get into the program, so I took the challenge to learn French at the same time to be part of the program. So I was participating both on RAC and at the same time learning French. So that was how exactly I was able to establish myself in the area that I have worked in my entire life, which is information technology through RAC program.

Question: How did RAC’s scheduling help?

RAC scheduling was really, really useful, because RAC is gonna position you for being the right candidate for job openings, and it’s also gonna like redesign your way of approaching situations, in terms of if you see yourself like you’re already in the job field, you’re already working, all you need to do is apply the skills, and the technical knowledge you acquire through RAC. What I can say is joining RAC actually positioned me to be more into critical thinking, and also more into involved in group discussions and group participation and technical analyses on how to solve problems, and also took me through the part as seeing yourself as the right job candidate for job opening in Quebec.

Question: What motivated you to pursue RAC, ultimately?

I would say my motivation for pursuing the RAC was not just because I wanted to upgrade my technical knowledge, I wanted to have my credentials recognized in Quebec, and also, I wanted to experience the job market in Quebec. Now RAC opens two ways: one is it’s going to make you successful in your quest to search for a job, and at the same time it’s gonna, like, document all your past experience in terms of technical knowledge, and then group them in together and polish you to be able to be the right candidate. Now right after I completed RAC, I applied for a few jobs, and not all of them were successful, but I can boldly tell you that through the experience I had in RAC, my first interview experience was very successful, which got me into working for Apple – I do support for iOS devices, and at the same time I do support for Mac as well. I would say that studying here in Champlain College through the RAC program is a very good way for immigrants to actually not have just only the flexibility of attending their personal lives, at the same time building their careers as well. As well it’s gonna help them to be successful.