Vitalii Baglaiev

Graduate - IT Client Support


Vitalii Baglaiev

My name is Vitalli, I’m a RAC candidate of ITCS program. I finish my program this year now. I was born in Ukraine, I am an immigrant, as you can hear because of my accent. I think this is more than just educational program. For example, in my case, I came to Canada with master degree. I spend some times, I passed some interviews, after 20 interviews, I guessed that there is something wrong. What? Maybe it’s about my education, because my education, I graduated in my country in 2005, so the technology was changed. Because IT technology, every time change. I decided to study in this RAC program. Why on this RAC program? Because this program first, this program is very flexible. Flexible because you can study Sunday, you can study Saturday, you can study evening, you can transfer some exams in another day, because for example, you work.

This program is about 3, 5, 6 months, for me it’s perfect, because you can study, after you can find a job, you can find some times for your interview, you can find a job, you can start working, and after you can continue to study. There is a big difference between job and make good job. Everybody can have a job. But to have a good job you have to do something. This program can improve your knowledge, renew your knowledge. They can help you to find the perfect place for your internship. About internship, for example, at the Jewish general hospital. This is the perfect line. Because Jewish general hospital is the biggest hospital in Montreal and Quebec. After this internship, you can have maybe not perfect job, but very, very good job. With the, of course, very good salary. So I like this program.

The content specialists can prepare you for these different types of interviews. For example, Kelly prepared me very well. I was extremely happy because I was a RAC candidate of this program. And this program can open a lot of doors for me, and it was like this because after this I got my internship, and after that I got my very good job in the IT field. And my biggest thank you for Champlain College for my graduation, for my experience, for my knowledge, for my diploma, and for everything I have now here in Canada, thank you.