Gina Sinnott

Graduate - Special Care Counselling


Gina Sinnott

Over 35 years in the medical/social services/management domain and returning back to college, I was amazed at how I could integrate new/revised learning into my existing area of practice. RAC’s Special Care Counselling (SCC) services recognized my competencies/skills in the field of employment dealing with special needs clientele in Quebec. On the RAC website, online resources were offered to assist each candidate’s needs and schedule. The availability of on-campus seminars (during day/evening/weekend), and meeting with individual mentors and group meetings – were all beneficial! I appreciated that this service and its content specialists recognized the individual’s ability to adapt based upon his/her own experiences and objectives. The RAC process in SCC enhanced my inner guidance and skills while remaining supportive of my efforts!

Sincere Appreciation!


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