Irena Wisniowski

Graduate - Special Care Counselling


Irena Wisniowski

My name is Irena Wisniowski and graduated in Special Care Counselling.

Question: Which aspect of RAC attracted you the most?

I have a full time job, I am a very busy mother, I have a house to run. The program was offered at times that fit into my schedule, weekends, evenings, and during the summer I had a few days off, so I was able to do some seminars during the summer. It’s probably one of the biggest bonuses about RAC.

Question: What was it like working with content specialists, rather than teachers?

So one of the nice benefits here is that the content specialists have been in the field for years, they have personal experience, they have experiences they can share with us and you also get to know them on a more personal level. It’s not like you’re in a classroom with many people, you email, you phone, you text, it’s a more personable experience.

Question: What ultimately motivated you to pursue RAC?

For me RAC was a very personal thing, where I work I would have the education that I needed. This was sort of to enrich my job personally, how I was dealing with the people I was deal with. So, I’m not gonna get more money, I’m not looking for another job, it was really to help enrich what I was already doing.

Yes, actually it was to fill in gaps in my education, in my work experience there was sometimes things I wasn’t sure about, and what exactly are they talking about, so actually RAC helped me get some of the proper vocabulary for the field, and um, yea, filling gaps that I was not, that I didn’t get a chance to experience in my job.

Question: Are there other perks that enhanced your experience?

Another great characteristic of RAC is that life happens and sometimes you need to take a break for whatever reason, it could be financial, it could health, it could be a family member that needs you at the time, and you’re able to take that break, and then pick up where you ended off and just keep going, it’s a nice perk of RAC.

One of the bonuses again of RAC is that most of the content is found online, it’s accessible 24 hours a day, and you’re able to read through it at a pace that’s good for you. You can study as much material as you want, review it, and at a seminar, you can go in and ask a content specialist anything you might not have understood, anything that’s missing in the information you’re looking for, and again, it’s very interactive, very available program, so it fits into any lifestyle you may have.


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