The Specialist in Transportation and Logistics AEC (LCA.CB) is made of 23 competencies. To receive your AEC, you will have to be evaluated for all competencies. The competencies have been grouped in three categories:

Group 1: Foundational Knowledge – 8 competencies

BJ63 Research information on the various job functions and positions in logistics
BJ69 Select the modes and means of transportation
BJ66 Resolve basic mathematical problems
BJ67 Resolve basic logistic operational problems using mathematics
BJ64 Process information
BJ65 Present reports
BJ61 Identify and apply effective techniques of customer service
BJ5E To sell products and services in a commercial establishment

Group 2: Specific Knowledge – 7 competencies

BJ7E Identify the operating costs of logistics services
BJ9E Calculate the costs of sending merchandise from origin to destination
BJ82 Transporting, storing and handling dangerous goods
BJ78 Recognize the effect of international economic agreements on prices
BJ79 Prepare merchandise so that it can clear customs
BJ0F Describe common transportation and logistics software and tools
BJ71 Communicate in a second language in a technical area

Group 3: Managerial Knowledge – 8 competencies

BJ8E Participate in procurement management operations
BJ73 Participate in the operations management for transportation by road
BJ74 Participate in inventory control management
BJ76 Participate in managing the flow of goods in the supply chain
BJ68 Propose routes
BJ75 Participate in the operations management for North American and International Transportation
BJ81 Identify and apply the principles of supply chain management in the enterprise
BJ83 Apply transportation and logistics skills in a real work environment


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