Sample Entrance Exam

To be admitted to the RAC services for T&L, you will have complete entrance exams to demonstrate that you have the minimal linguistic requirements to be evaluated and to receive partial training in French and in English.

If you do not meet the minimum linguistic requirements, we will make recommendations.

Entrance Examination Explained


The entrance exam is to make sure that you have the math and language skills to be able to successfully complete the RAC Transportation & Logistics process. If your skills are not at the required level, we can offer suggestions on how you can improve your skills before being re-evaluated. This will allow you to start the RAC Transportation & Logistics process at a later date.


The exam consist of two parts.

PART I. Mathematics:

  1. Consist of 10 questions (mostly multiple choice).
  2. Tests your knowledge of multiplication, division, calculating averages, squares and square roots, fractions, sequences, decimals, percentages.
  3. Can be taken in French or English.
  4. Duration of the exam – one hour.
  5. You cannot use a calculator, but can make calculations with a paper and pencil.

English: Sample Questions, Answers.
French: Sample Questions, Answers.

PART II. Language:

  1. Part 1: You are given a one page text and then asked 5 vocabulary questions and 5 comprehension questions (multiple choice).
  2. Part 2: You are asked to write a short 2 paragraph composition (about 100 words) on positive/negative features, advantages/disadvantages of a topic.
  3. Parts 1 & 2 are completed in both English and French.
  4. You have 90 minutes for this part of the test.

English: Sample Questions, Answers.
French: Sample Questions, Answers.