Transportation & Logistics

Victoria Charest


In terms of my working experience, I have like 20, 22 years experience in the Transport business. I came from far because the beginning I only had like secondary 2, to later take a course in college. ... Read more

Natalie Dallaire


Well what was valuable for me is that the RAC program, you don’t have to start all over again. You know, they do an evaluation, and then afterwards, you continue from where you are from there. If ... Read more

Elizabeth Gomez


I was interested to study, but not 3, 14 years, whatever. Something really specific to get a job here, faster, that’s why I choose RAC. And the most important thing for me here was to get more ... Read more

Diane Mc Neil Mc Farlane


For me, RAC, I think it’s a very important program that you can take in school. You don’t have to go to 3 year after you have – like I have 30 years of experience in the same field. And it’s very good to be up ... Read more