Diane Mc Neil Mc Farlane

Graduate - Transportation & Logistics


Diane Mc Neil Mc Farlane

My name is Diane Mc Neil Mc Farlane and I was in the RAC program for Transport and Logistics.

For me, RAC, I think it’s a very important program that you can take in school. You don’t have to go to 3 year after you have – like I have 30 years of experience in the same field. And it’s very good to be up with what’s going on the world. You’re working for so many years, and the RAC gives you information that’s pertinent for today and new ways of seeing things, new ways of doing things, and a broader view of what’s going on in transport and logistics.

Question: How did RAC’s scheduling help?

It’s giving you the chance to do it at your own pace – you can do it in 17 weeks, you can do it in 25-30 weeks, or take as long as you want. Like I start in February last year and just finished a few weeks ago, I could have finished in Feb, but after a year, it was a little hard to give a last push. So that’s why I finished in June, but I could have finished in a year doing it part time at your own rhythm no matter at what point you are in the program, you always have somebody there to help you.

Question: What motivated you to pursue RAC, ultimately?

RAC give me the chance to expand my knowledge. For me, I just wanted to take logistics, purchasing warehousing and I had to take transportation and I realize that you know much more than you think you know. Because your experience is in one field but you’re touching a lot of fields without even knowing and without even doing it every day. But the work experience it’s amazing what you know but you don’t know you knew it.

I know I will never regret coming back to school, and coming here, for that program – in Transport and Logistics. I would like to do another, but I don’t have experience in other fields. Maybe you have Dispatch, maybe you never know. Maybe I’ll think about it… But for now I’m glad that it’s finished, I worked hard, and at the end I think you’re rewarded for it.