Elizabeth Gomez

Graduate - Transportation & Logistics


Elizabeth Gomez

My name is Elizabeth Gomez and I’m in RAC for Transportation Logistics.

Question: What motivated you to choose RAC at Champlain College Saint-Lambert?

I was interested to study, but not 3, 14 years, whatever. Something really specific to get a job here, faster, that’s why I choose RAC. And the most important thing for me here was to get more contacts because my teacher he was very very good and he provided us – every time he has opportunities he sends us by email.

Question: Since you got your experience in Mexico, you surely had to learn specifics about working in T&L in Quebec.

Yes, different things, but right away I had to know the language. I like RAC because the [content specialists] spoke in both languages, and many things are different from here and mexico and all the documents are different, some different. So I learned a lot of things.

Question: Did anything surprise you about pursuing a T&L AEC through RAC, at Champlain?

I didn’t know that the [content specialist] will be a very good point to have more contact with companies, principal shipping companies. It was a plus for me, and that’s why I found my job now.

Question: What did you think of RAC’s website?

That was very, very good. If you don’t understand something you can go at back over there at home whatever, you can check and review everything, or you can advance the class, if you have time at home, you can check for the next class, it’ll be easy for you faster. It’s very, very good. 

Question: How was your experience with Champlain’s content specialists?

Everything was amazing for me. I love it, the [content specialists] were very nice, they explain, if you don’t understand something, they explain 2-3 times whatever you need. If you need more assistance after class, no problem. Yeah, always open for everyone, very nice, yeah. 

Spanish testimonial – English subtitles

Spanish: “Las personas de otros paises, o especificamente de Latinoamerica que no hablamos ni ingles ni francés, venimos aquí y no sabemos que tanto tenemos que estudiar, que tanto tenemos que aprender para poder desarrollarnos en las áreas que estudiamos en nuestros países. Esto del RAC es muy importante y es un encuentro muy interesante porque no tienes que estudiar como que todo, ir otra vez a la universidad y empezar de cero, no. Es como… o sea, llegas, te hacen una entrevista, haces exámenes y dicen:  si, tienes los conocimientos necesarios, empiezas tu RAC, como ya tienes el conocimiento de tu país, es rápido, rápido lo aprendes rápido, estas metiendo los dos idiomas: inglés y francés, los maestros te mandan correos de las oportunidades de trabajo que puedas tener y puedes aplicar fácil. Yo lo encuentro muy interesante.”

English: “People from other countries, or specifically from Latin America who don’t speak English or French come here and we don’t know how much do we have to study or how much do we have to learn in order to evolve in the areas we studied in our countries. This thing – the RAC, is very important and it’s a very interesting finding because you don’t have to study everything, to go back to the university and start from zero, no. It is like… I mean, you come, pass an interview, answer evaluations and you get the answer: yes, you have the required knowledge , you can start RAC. As you already have the knowledge from your country, it is very fast, you learn fast, you’re pushing both languages, English and French. [Content specialists] send you emails with the job opportunities you can have and you can easily apply. I find it very interesting.”