Natalie Dallaire

Graduate - Transportation & Logistics


Natalie Dallaire

My name is Natalie Dallaire. I was in the RAC program specialist Transportation and Logistics.

Question: What was valuable to you about RAC?

Well what was valuable for me is that the RAC program, you don’t have to start all over again. You know, they do an evaluation, and then afterwards, you continue from where you are from there. If there are gaps, they fill it in. So at the end you’re sure that all the transportation and logistics is complete. What I like about RAC is that it’s an individual class, and they make the schedule as per your pace, you know. I was working in Africa, I’m an expat working in Africa for logistics, for an oil company, so working in an oil field we rotate, we work a month on, a month off. I was able to fix – Andy was able to plan my classes when I was coming back, on my time off. I would send him an e-mail, and say, ok, I’m coming in this date. And from there we would meet, and he would give me a plan from where I left off. So that was important to me. So that really get me through each class, as per the schedules, for the seminars.

Right now with the experience that I’ve gained working on the field, and learning through RAC, now at this point, I’m trying to move on in the oil and gas industry. So I think I’ve got a good chance, I’ve already been approached by two oil and gas companies. They’re happy with the experience and the learning I’ve got.

Father: She’s gonna make it. Sky’s the limit. Live your dreams. I keep telling her, I don’t know in English, vouloir c’est pouvoir! (laughs)

Question: What did the content specialists bring to the table?

Their experience, because they all worked in the transportation field in different fields. L’Oreal, someone in customs, another one in dangerous goods. Everybody brought their own experience, so it makes it alive. They give real life examples, which makes us understand much more how it is out there. And we’re able to apply it ourselves when we’re out on the field. So you know all the operations I’ve learned in RAC, I was able to apply them out on the oil field in Africa. And that was really important for me. And, you know, made me realize how good this program is for us.

Question: As Nathalie’s father, how did you feel about her participating in RAC, and graduating today?

Father: Well I was happy to see to her to do it, and keep doing it, that’s the main thing. Because of the split work, you know, she was able to come back, and continue, so I was very happy about that. Very glad she finished.

NatalieI’d say the most thing that I really appreciate is the support. The support from the teachers, the counsellors, the administration staff, everybody. If you had something, they’d take a mile extra, they’d go the extra mile to help you out, to get you to where you have to be to achieve. If they see you’re working, they work with you. They adjust it so it’ll fit.