Victoria Charest

Graduate - Transportation & Logistics


Victoria Charest

My name is Victoria Charest, I was studying Specialist in Transportation and Logistics, and I’m 44 years old. Well, actually, it’s a sign of destiny, like, last year, when I was on vacation, the school called me because my name was up for the waiting list, but I didn’t call back, like, right away. After my vacation was done, I found out that the office where I was working was gonna close, so I saw it as a sign that said like it’s now or never. So I called back to see if my position was still available, and they said yes. And I started in November.

In terms of my working experience, I have like 20, 22 years experience in the Transport business. I came from far because the beginning I only had like secondary 2, to later take a course in college. Everybody else they had masters, MBA, engineering diplomas, and first and second degree, so, university, I felt at the beginning really intimidated by that. But after a while I passed the same courses the same exam, and I felt really proud of myself doing really just as good as everybody else.

The schedule is good, for me, like, I had the ability to come here full time from 9 to 4. They had an incredible, like, they work really hard to ease, for, let’s say, I have kids. My kids were sick, or I needed extra time to study, or to stay later, and like, they were always available to open a class for me, anytime I needed it. So that was, like, the working schedule was incredible. You guys did really incredible work. Concrete working experience, life experience, and different background, enhanced the experience. In some level. Even the different students enhanced the class by their own work experience. So it gave a different approach.

I think I made some friends for a lifetime. And I got the respect from my teachers because I worked really really hard. And I’m still in contact with some of them, not every day, but I get some news every now and then from Suzanne, Michael, Andy, and it touches me deeply to know that they – I wasn’t just a student and now that I’m graduated it’s like, you’re out of their lives. They keep a certain contact and I appreciate that. That’s, it’s like being a part of a big family. Extended family.