RAC services in Information Technology Network Management are offered for the 26 core competencies of the DEC.

016N Analyze the work functions
016P Solve computer-related mathematical and statistical problems
016Q Exploit the possibilities of an operating system on a specific computer
016R Install hardware and software on a computer
016S Use a structured programming language
016T Use an object-oriented development approach
016U Research information
016V Interact and communicate in various work situations
017Q Use an algorithmic approach
017R Analyze the architecture of a computer network
017S Choose hardware
017T Optimize the functionalities of an operating system on a computer
017U Ensure the security of a computer network’s hardware and software
017V Manage a computer population
017W Manage a computer network
017X Choose software
017Y Manage their time and ensure the quality of their work
017Z Provide technical support to network users
0180 Ensure the evolution of the computer network
0181 Develop utilities
0182 Diagnose and resolve network problems
0183 Set up a server
0184 Set up Internet-related technologies and services
0185 Plan the installation of a computer network
0186 Install a computer network
0187 Manage a computer network
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