RAC services in Network and Security Administration are offered for the 19 program specific competencies (divided into compulsory common core and specific competencies). Thirteen of the competencies are compulsory competencies and six are specific to our educational institution.

Compulsory Common Core Competencies

0000 Analyze information about working in the field of computer science technology
00Q1 Install and manage computers
00Q2 Use programming languages
00Q3 Solve computer-related problems using mathematics
00Q4 Use office productivity software
00Q5 Deploy a local computer network
00Q6 Use an object-oriented development approach
00Q7 Use a database management system
00Q8 Carry out prevention operations with regard to information security
00SE Interact in a professional setting
00SF Evaluate software and hardware components
00SG Provide users with technical support
00SH Adapt to information technologies.

College Specific Competencies

00SJ Deploy intranet servers
00SK Deploy Internet servers
00SM Deploy computer inter-networking devices
00SN Automate computer network management tasks
00SP Monitor computer networks
00SQ Collaborate on the design of a computer network
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