RAC services in Office Management are offered for the 26 core competencies of the DEC. The competencies have been grouped into clusters:

Cluster A - Production and Word Processing of Documents


  • 00UW – To perform word processing operations
  • 00VA – To produce documents
  • 00UZ – To produce English texts and perform English linguistic revision

Cluster B.1: Material Resources Management


  • 00V4 – To provide technical support
  • 00VJ – To ensure the management of material resources within the office unit

Cluster B.2: Financial Resources Management


  • 00V8 – To ensure the process of financial information and the management of the office unit budgets
  • 00UX – To process and present data

Cluster C - Office Administration Management


  • 00VC – To solve problems
  • 00VB – To automate operations
  • 00VF – To design and adapt office working procedures
  • 00VE – To design and adapt a records management system

Cluster D - Communication orale et écrite en français et traduction


  • 00V0 – Rédiger des textes en français et les réviser
  • 00V1 – To communicate using spoken French
  • 00V2 – To translate texts

Cluster E - Human Resources Management


  • 00VG – To participate in the staff recruitment process for the office unit
  • 00VL – To ensure the training of the office unit staff
  • 00VK – To assess the performance of the staff in the office unit

Cluster F - Organization of professional activities


  • 00UY – To communicate using spoken English
  • 00VM – To organize professional activities
  • 00V3 – To use tools and services relating to office work
  • 00V5 – To interact in various work situations
  • 00VH – To organize and supervise work within the office unit



  • 00V7 – To analyze the profession
  • 00V6 – To successfully enter the labour market and build a career
  • 00VD – To establish links between the organization and the work of the office coordinator
  • 00V9 – To create and operate a database

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