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    RAC for Immigrants

    Program Objective

    The RAC for immigrants program was specifically designed for immigrants, and its objective is to help candidates gain official Canadian recognition of their competencies. It also allows immigrants to benefit from seminars that will help in their integration into the Quebec workforce.

    Difficulties Immigrants Face

    • Lack of knowledge of Quebec’s institutions and of the Quebec way of doing business
    • Lack of knowledge of Quebec laws and regulations in their field
    • Linguistic difficulties (in French or/and in English)
    • No Canadian diploma
    • No Canadian experience

    Characteristics of the Curriculum Specifically Adapted to Immigrants

    Weekly :
    • Each week, the candidates receive additional communication classes in French and in English. During these classes, the candidates practice the vocabulary related to the subject discussed in the seminar of that particular week.
    • Each week, the candidates attend seminars that have been specifically prepared for immigrant candidates and they have classroom activities periods under the guidance of a specialist. The seminars cover the competencies required to obtain the AEC (Attestation d’Études Collégiales) they are seeking recognition for.
    • The candidates attend specialized seminars on the integration to Quebec society and Quebec workforce. Some of the subjects discussed are:
      • Quebec institutions and business organizations
      • The integration process
      • Perception and non-verbal communication
      • Workplace relationships in Quebec
      • Know how to promote yourself in Quebec
      • The importance of networking in Quebec
    • The candidates also benefit from employment search seminars and activities during which they receive help with their Curriculum Vitae writing and cover letter writing, practice for job interviews, and get job search tips.
    Measures for success
    • The evaluations are done on-site, during the week, and in the presence of a content specialist. Several of the evaluations have an individual interview with a content specialist component.
    • The candidates receive a complete evaluation of their linguistic progress in French and English at the beginning and at the end of the program.
    • Free blocks are built-in the schedule so that the candidates who need it may request individual tutoring time with a content specialist.
    RAC for Immigrants programs are currently available for the following AECs:
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