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  • Champlain’s Centre for Continuing Education Launches Innovative English Course

    by Matt Refghi  |  June 22, 2016

    Champlain’s Continuing Education department recently announced a unique English as a Second Language (ESL) course, known as the Champlain Language Club. Since it might be an interesting way for RAC candidate to practice their language skills, we thought we’d explain the service a little bit here. The Champlain Language Club (CLC) immediately sets itself apart from traditional ESL courses by doing away with the standard one teacher, one class formula. Instead of students having to sit in a class listening to a teacher, they’re integrated in an energetic, almost café-like setting, where they can practice with similarly-skilled peers, while under the guidance of multiple language trainers. Standard ESL courses typically split students in a limited number of classrooms based on skill. Usually, there are anywhere from 3 to 5 different skill-level divisions (beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc). The CLC instead keeps all students in the same room, and uses an innovative language framework known as Accessible Immersion Metrics (AIM) to indicate which learning activities should be occurring within the room. The AIM framework factors in the full spectrum of linguistic needs (speaking, writing, reading & listening), while also reflecting each individual’s skill level, and their specific learning objectives. The CLC was first tested back in 2013, where it was met with generally positive reviews. Students were struck by how different the course felt – most considered it more fun than traditional ESL offerings, as it felt much more like they were in a coffee shop talking amongst friends. And, whenever they wanted, they could participate in challenges or activities to improve their skills. The cost was also praised – it was comparably lower than other language services. For RAC candidates, the CLC offers an opportunity to practice their language skills in a refreshing, innovative way. Those interested should visit the Champlain Language Club course page on the Continuing Education website, where they can then indicate their interest online.

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