Preparing your Application

This program is provided in English. All information, seminars and study materials are in English.

1. Sign up to attend an Information Session

The first step is to sign up and attend an information session, during which the RAC Pedagogical Counsellor will explain the admission requirements, how the program works, and the application process. This will help you decide if a RAC service is right for you, and whether you are eligible. This step involves submitting a current résumé which reflects your prior and/or current experience and skills in the field of Special Care Counselling. Refer to this document for guidance: Preparing Your Résumé. Sign up to attend an Information Session

2. Submit your Application Documents

After attending an Information Session and submitting your resume the next step is to submit your application documents. For a list of the required documents, please consult this Checklist. You can access Omnivox to register here: Omnivox A $75 Registration Fee is part of the total fee for the RAC Process, and is nonrefundable.

3. Submit your Application Documents

After submitting your application, your file will be assessed and once all documents have been confirmed, you will receive an e-mail that includes a Self-Assessment Form (SAF). The SAF will help you to assess your prior knowledge and skill level for the service, and it must be completed before proceeding. Refer to the Preparation Guide for the SAF to help you fill it in. Please note: You are not permitted to refer to the SAF Guide during the Validation Interview. Send the completed form to us by following the directions in the e-mail.

4. Attend a Validation Interview

Once you have returned your Self-Assessment form, a Content Specialist will contact you to schedule a Validation Interview. [During the pandemic, and depending on government regulations, the Validation Interview will be conducted online via Zoom.] During the Validation Interview the Content Specialist will ask you a number of questions about the same topics you wrote about in your Self-Assessment Form. The Validation Interview will help the Content Specialist identify your strengths and limitations in the field. The Content Specialist will recommend acceptance if your prior experience, knowledge and skills are strong enough to admit you to the RAC SCC service.
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