Special Care Counselling

Sara Fenton


What motivated me was to have a few different doors opened to have a different title in the Riverside School Board instead of attendant, as the support staff. My goal was to become a technician. The ... Read more

George Fowler


My experience as a RAC candidate in Special Care Counselling has been fantastic! The combination of a wonderful and dedicated staff, an affordable service, and working at my own pace has made ... Read more

Lucilia Miranda


What I like the most is they recognize already what you know, and they give you the experience of what you don’t know. What you need to learn, they give it to you – let’s say you have some courses and ... Read more

Gina Sinnott


Over 35 years in the medical/social services/management domain and returning back to college, I was amazed at how I could integrate new/revised learning into my existing area of practice. RAC’s Special ... Read more

Irena Wisniowski


I have a full time job, I am a very busy mother, I have a house to run. The program was offered at times that fit into my schedule, weekends, evenings, and during the summer I had a few days off, so I was ... Read more

Natasha Devouge Trudel


I’m a recent graduate from the first cohort to participate in the RAC Special Care Counselling Program at a distance. What motivated me to take this program was to fulfill a requirement to become a Behavior ... Read more

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