Sara Fenton

Graduate - Special Care Counselling


Sara Fenton

Hi my name is Sara Fenton. I’m graduating from the Special Care Counselling program. What motivated me was to have a few different doors opened to have a different title in the Riverside School Board instead of attendant, as the support staff. My goal was to become a technician. The RAC scheduling was very convenient.

What was challenging was the fact that I had to organize my time with my children, supper, homework, my homework, but before enrolling into this program, my husband and I we decided that for me to succeed in this program, that this year would be a year where I would work part-time, so I found a position that I could have Mondays, two days off per week.

What was it like the content specialists, in my opinion I find that they were very knowledgeable, flexible, every time, each time I had a question, I didn’t necessarily need to come to the school. I could send a message, a text message, and we even Skyped and FaceTimed at some points throughout the program.

At the end after graduating, I did find myself into the position that I am in now actually, I am presently working for Riverside School Board as a behavioral technician that started in September, while I was still here, continuing the program.


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