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Your CV should reflect your relevant prior work/volunteer experience working in the field of special care counselling. Take a critical look at your resume to ensure it is current, thorough, well presented and edited. This page provides some examples and guidance to design an effective resume. In your resume: Include examples from your work that reflect the skills, attitudes and interventions of special care counsellors. Do not just list ‘tasks’ or list ‘skills’ (organized) or (patient) These are examples only: make sure to include examples that reflect your own specific work experiences. The resume should include your educational background and training,
  • University and / or CEGEP Diplomas, certificates, or courses
  • Specific training, workshops or certificates
  • Volunteer experiences related to special care counselling
Work experiences outside of the field of Special Care Counselling: consider the soft skills you acquired and learnt or have expertise in an area that is relevant in special care counselling. This is particularly important if you transitioned to special care counselling from another field, for example, finance or project management.
  • Organizational skills
  • Technical skills (computer knowledge and facility with different programs)
  • Leadership skills (managing a program or teams)
  • Communication skills (active listening, problem solving, conflict resolution)
You can include an ‘Overview’ or Summary of ‘Key Qualifications’ (examples below)

Overview (Example 1)

Passionate about education and providing students with the specific tools or adaptations they need for success. Extensive experience in the field working with students of different ages with diverse disabilities and diagnosed learning disabilities.

Highlights of Skills (Example 2)

Interpersonal & Communication: Exceptional ability to develop a positive rapport with individual clients, groups and team members. Skilled in presenting information clearly and professionally. Program Development: Skilled in researching resources, planning workshops, and creating materials/information/tools adapted to meet specific client needs. Computer & Technical: Microsoft Office, Smartboard, familiar with software (Speech Recognition) apps designed to support client organization, technical aids for persons with visual disabilities. Organization & Coordination: Facility in adapting to different clientele, prioritize needs, conduct client interviews, gather and document information within guidelines in a timely manner. Here is another example of how to identify and share key skills and attributes:


  • Collaborated with other educators to develop and provide meaningful general education experiences for students in Educational Life Skills Program classrooms
  • Co-developed and implemented individualized behavior intervention plans for students with specific difficulties
  • Applied non-violent crisis intervention skills, using verbal and non-verbal techniques to effectively defuse problematic behavior
  • Exceptionally skilled in identifying and implementing creative solutions to problems
  • Implemented adaptations, coaching strategies and assistive devices to facilitate client success in changing or coping in their work or school environments
  • Communicated with parents and guardians regarding student successes, concerns, and opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Monitored clients throughout the process to assess their progress, adjust strategies and improve abilities
  • Individually tailored educational support for students diagnosed with a variety of learning and behavioural disabilities as well as developmental delays
  • Knowledgeable and resourceful in facilitating student success by applying different approaches and interventions
  • Regularly communicating or meeting with parents, educators, administrators and members of multi-disciplinary team in order to foster teambuilding and facilitate optimal success for the student/client
  • Reviewing, implementing or modifying Individual Education Plans (IEPs) in collaboration with other team members
  • Ensured understanding of psychological assessments and its implications for students’ success


  • Skilled in creating rapport with students who experience a range of learning and/or behavioral difficulties
  • Assisting Special Care Technicians with direct supervision of students to identify specific strategies for challenging situations.
  • Implementation of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) demonstrating the identification of need, actions required for meeting needs, and assessment criteria for completion of plan.
  • Facilitate participation and learning through individual prompting and cueing, providing ongoing feedback and reinforcement, modeling, etc.
You can also refer to the following websites for further guidance: One, Two Three

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